Mar-Ed's He Knoz He's A Star, JH, NA, NAJ, RN, CD, VC, CGC

Dusty was our very first Vizsla from Margaret and Ed Schaefer and many don’t know but he was a wedding present to Ruth and I. When we got married all I wanted was a hunting dog…little did I know what we were in for. Dusty would introduce us to a world of new friends & great adventures!

Thru his life Dusty would become pointed in the show ring & field, earned his Junior hunter title, numerous agility titles, obedience titles, VCA VC title, Canine Good Citizen, and mostly my buddy and shadow wherever I went. He probably taught us about as much as we taught him.


DOB: 6/04/1999
Sex: Male
AKC#: SN656638022
OFA: Excellent

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